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dc.contributor.authorMalagón Barbero, Ricardo
dc.contributor.otherAcuña Angel, Angie Carolina
dc.contributor.otherAponte Cordero, Nathaly
dc.contributor.otherAvellaneda, Daniel
dc.contributor.otherBáez Ramírez, Sara Manuela
dc.contributor.otherBaquero Cubillos, Sabina
dc.contributor.otherCárdenas Valderrama, Benjamín
dc.contributor.otherCaro Parra, Antonio
dc.contributor.otherCasallas Mateus, Sebastián
dc.contributor.otherCastro Pájaro, Junior Edilson
dc.contributor.otherCerón, Fernando
dc.contributor.otherCurioca Martínez, Dafne
dc.contributor.otherGarcía Acosta, Samuel
dc.contributor.otherGómez Ausique, Juan Esteban
dc.contributor.otherGómez Betancour, Valentina
dc.contributor.otherGómez, Camilo Alexander
dc.contributor.otherGordon, Dilia
dc.contributor.otherGuerrero Ortega, Miguel Angel
dc.contributor.otherGuerrero, Rey
dc.contributor.otherHenry, Rosilia
dc.contributor.otherHooker, Marlen
dc.contributor.otherHudgson Martin, Carolina
dc.contributor.otherHoward Martínez, Heywet
dc.contributor.otherInfante Salcedo, Mariana
dc.contributor.otherMartínez Christopher, Sandra
dc.contributor.otherMartínez de Hudgson, Lydia
dc.contributor.otherMartínez Gómez, Jorge David
dc.contributor.otherMartínez Ramírez, Carlos David
dc.contributor.otherMartínez, Carlos David
dc.contributor.otherMora Caldas, Emiro Andrés
dc.contributor.otherMorales, Pedro Alberto
dc.contributor.otherMurcia Beltrán, Paula Andrea
dc.contributor.otherOrtiz Baracaldo, Blenda Lorena
dc.contributor.otherPasabocha Motato, María Camila
dc.contributor.otherPomare Forbes, Anola
dc.contributor.otherPomare, Ángela
dc.contributor.otherPomare, Cleotilde
dc.contributor.otherPulgar Meneses, Jorge Alberto
dc.contributor.otherQuintero Díaz, Karen
dc.contributor.otherQuintero, Martín
dc.contributor.otherReyes O´Neill, Efrén
dc.contributor.otherRivera, José Luis
dc.contributor.otherRodas Britton, Ana María
dc.contributor.otherRodriguéz Florian, Gustavo Andrés
dc.contributor.otherRojas, Carlos Jefferson
dc.contributor.otherRomero Guevara, Johan David
dc.contributor.otherRondón, Julián Esteban
dc.contributor.otherRuiz Beltrán, José Daniel
dc.contributor.otherRuiz Daza, Edgar
dc.contributor.otherSierra Martínez, Jorge David
dc.contributor.otherSteele, Isilma
dc.contributor.otherTorres, Karen
dc.contributor.otherTovar Suarez, Mónica
dc.contributor.otherTriana Menjuren, Juan Esteban
dc.contributor.otherValdez, Saúl
dc.contributor.otherVega, David Alejandro
dc.contributor.otherWalters, Anita
dc.description.abstractThis book is dedicated to a special region from Colombia: the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina; thus, the gastronomic traditions of the Raizal people and their ancestral knowledge around culinary practices are exalted. This research was developed with the Mariano Moreno Cooking School, achieving an interdisciplinary work that enriched the exploration of the flora and fauna from the Archipelago, as well as the study of relevant socio-anthropological aspects to understand the Raizal gastronomical identity.es_ES
dc.description.tableofcontentsPrologue / Carlos Alberto Barón Serrano -- Map of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina -- The nature of Raizal Gastronomy / Carlos David Martínez Ramírez -- Gastronomy and economy of the Archipelago / Dustin Tahisin Gómez Rodríguez -- Carriers of Tradition -- Raizal cultural context / Valentina Gómez Betancur -- Trails of Raizal Gastronomy / Silvia Archibold -- Brief Review of old Providencia / Jorge Alberto Pulgar Meneses -- Marine fauna -- Flora -- Colombian Raizal cuisine San Andrés -- Colombian Raizal cuisine Providencia -- Colombian Raizal cuisine Bogotá -- Technology and food sovereignty / Ricardo Malagón Barbero, Carlos David Martínez Ramírez, Luz Angélica Quintero -- Gastronomic research and education / Felipe Villar Stein -- Lyophilization process and history -- Conclusions / Ricardo Malagón Barbero -- Thanks / Ricardo Malagón Barbero -- Glossary -- Anthem of San Andres y Providencia -- Referenceses_ES
dc.publisherServicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)es_ES
dc.subject.ddcManejo del hogar y de la familiaes_ES
dc.subject.otherArte, cultura, esparcimiento y deporteses_ES
dc.titleColombian raizal cuisine from the archipielago of San Andrès Providence & Santa Catalinaes_ES
dc.subject.lembGastronomy--San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina (Colombia)
dc.subject.lembCultural identity--San Andrés Providencia y Santa Catalina (Colombia)
dc.publisher.dependenciaCentro Nacional de Hotelería. Escuela de Gastronomía Mariano Morenoes_ES
dc.contributor.photographerMora Caldas, Emiro Andrés
dc.contributor.photographerQuintero Díaz, Karen
dc.contributor.photographerCárdenas Valderrama, Benjamín
dc.contributor.photographerSáenz Lemes, Walter
dc.contributor.photographerGómez Betancour, Valentina
dc.contributor.translatorInfante Salcedo, Mariana
dc.contributor.translatorArchibold, Silvia
dc.contributor.translatorMartínez Ramírez, Carlos David
dc.description.logical41 páginases_ES

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